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Spencer, Frank 1941-1999  Search this
Douglas, J. A  Search this
Langham, Ian 1942-1984  Search this
Stewart, T. D (Thomas Dale) 1901-1997  Search this
Aiello, Leslie  Search this
Bateson, Gregory  Search this
Boaz, Noel T  Search this
Brace, C. Loring  Search this
Buettner-Janusch, John 1924-1992  Search this
Buikstra, Jane E  Search this
Clark, J. Desmond  Search this
Cockburn, Eve  Search this
Fagan, Brian M  Search this
Garn, Stanley Marion  Search this
Gavan, James A  Search this
Giles, Eugene  Search this
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Goodenough, Ward H  Search this
Jantz, Richard L  Search this
Lewin, Roger  Search this
Little, Michael A  Search this
Marks, Jonathan (Jonathan M.) 1955-  Search this
Pilbeam, David R  Search this
Pollitzer, William S. 1923-  Search this
Stocking, George W. 1928  Search this
Tattersaal, Ian  Search this
Ubelaker, Douglas H  Search this
Wolf, Eric R  Search this
Collins, Henry Bascom 1899-1987  Search this
Montagu, Ashley 1905-1999  Search this
Shapiro, Harry Lionel 1902-  Search this
St. Hoyme, Lucile Eleanor  Search this
Dawson, Charles 1864-1916  Search this
Hrdlička, Aleš 1869-1943  Search this
Falconer, Hugh 1808-1865  Search this
Keith, Arthur Sir 1866-1955  Search this
Oakley, Kenneth Page 1911-  Search this
Pengelly, William 1812-1894  Search this
Prestwich, Joseph Sir 1812-1896  Search this
Smith, Grafton Elliot Sir 1871-1937  Search this
Sorby, Henry Clifton 1826-1908  Search this
Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre  Search this
Woodward, Arthur Smith 1864-1944  Search this
Boas, Franz 1858-1942  Search this
Weiner, J. S (Joseph Sydney) 1915-  Search this
Association of American Physical Anthropologists  Search this
Physical description:
40 linear feet (94 boxes, 1 oversized box)
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Piltdown (England)
Ca. 1900 - ca. 1991
Frank Spencer was born in Chatham, England on May 1, 1941. Best known as a historian of biological anthropology and for his book Piltdown: A Scientific Forgery (1990), Spencer began his career as a medical laboratory technician, publishing two books on medical laboratory procedures in 1970 and 1972. He immigrated to Canada and earned his BA in anthropology at the University of Windsor in Ontario in 1973. The following year, he enrolled at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with C. Loring Brace as his advisor. Spencer wrote his dissertation on the life and career of Aleš Hrdlička and was awarded his PhD in biological anthropology in 1979. That same year he joined the faculty of the Department of Anthropology at Queens College as an assistant professor and was soon promoted to department chair in 1984. Over the course of his career, he wrote and edited several books on the history of physical anthropology including A History of Physical Anthropology, 1930-1980 (1992), The Origins of Modern Humans: A World Survey of the Fossil Evidence (1984), Ecce Homo: An Annotated Bibliographic History of Physical Anthropology (1986), and History of Physical Anthropology: An Encyclopedia (1997). Spencer was also a co-founder and editor of the Physical Anthropology News bulletins. It was his book Piltdown: A Scientific Forgery, however, that garnered him the most attention. In his book, he theorized that the well-respected Sir Arthur Keith master-minded the Piltdown hoax. On May 30, 1999 Frank Spencer died of cancer at the age of 58.
Electronic finding aid available via the website of the National Anthropological Archives.
Arranged in 15 series: (1) Correspondence, 1972-1999; (2) Piltdown, 1836-1997; (3) Ales Hrdlicka, 1892-1981; (4) Encyclopedia, 1991-1998; (5) Projects; (6) Human Antiquity Research; (7) Subject Files; (8) Coded Files, ca. 1970s-ca. 1980s; (9) University Material, 1973-1998; (10) Personal Papers, 1966-1990; (11) Notebooks, 1976-1997; (12) Card Files; (13) Photographs, (ca. 1900-ca. 1991; (14) Audiotapes, (1942-1975); (15) Realia
This collection documents the research and professional activities of anthropologist Frank Spencer through his correspondence, manuscripts, notes, research files, teaching materials, photographs, and audiotapes. As a historian of physical anthropology, Spencer did a great deal of archival research. Well-represented in the collection is Spencer's research on the Piltdown hoax as well as the Piltdown research of Ian Langham, whose work Spencer continued after his death in 1984. Among the materials collected are negatives of Piltdown-related papers and negatives of Sir Arthur Keith's papers held at the Royal College of Surgeons. Spencer, who theorized that Keith was behind the Piltdown hoax, had organized his papers with a grant from Wenner-Gren. Also represented in the collection is Spencer's research on the life and career of Aleš Hrdlička for his dissertation. Although most of Hrdlička's papers and photos that Spencer collected are copies of materials held at the National Anthropological Archives (NAA), the collection does contain original correspondence between Hrdlička and his first wife, Marie Strickler; his childhood report card from 1869; and copies of family photos obtained from Lucy Miller, Hrdlička's niece. The collection also contains an audio recording of Hrdlička speaking at Wistar Institute. Spencer's 1975 taped interviews with Henry Collins, Harry Shapiro, Ashley Montagu, and Lucille St. Hoyme can also be found in the collection. Other projects represented in the collection include A History of Physical Anthropology: An Encyclopedia, The Origins of Modern Humans: A World Survey of the Fossil Evidence, and Fallen Idols, Spencer's unpublished book on the history of scientific attitudes towards human origins. In addition, the collection contains copies of Physical Anthropology News, which Spencer co-founded and edited. Photos in the collection include images of Frank Spencer as well as of the 1981 and 1988 annual meetings of the Association of American Physical Anthropologists (AAPA) and the 1980 symposium Spencer and Noel T. Boaz organized on the history of American physical anthropology.
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