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Film Studies of Traditional Tibetan Life and Culture: Ladakh, India, 1978 86.13.4-1OP 1979

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Sorenson, E. Richard  Search this
Physical description:
archival original/preservation transparencies col. 35mm
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Slides (photographs)
Ladakh (India)
title derived from name of project (unpublished work)--archival collection
field notes and logs
Addl. KW Subjects:
Farming, cattle
Micellaneous Slide photographs shot in Ladakh, India in 1979, from separate rolls 16 monk on throne with <damarus> (hand drum) giving prayerin <dukang> (main prayer room) of monastery; 9 rows of sitting monks on floor, boy monk coming up aisle towards two monks in yellow crested hats; 1-4valley with buildings on hill and temple like buildings in row; 1 two monks in masks dancing in courtyard; 5 mnks in tall round hats playing two <dongmans> (long horns); 16 monks in masks and costumes dancing in row; 22 two monks dancing in costumes and masks dancing in courtyard infront of monks playing <kanglings> (horns); 26 monk in deer mask and costume dancing; 25-26 blue diety with pearls under yellow diety with pearls on wall painting; 28-29 dieties on tapestry riding horse and elephant, clouds behind them; 13 woman with basket on her back shoveling dirt into basket on other womans back, woman in black standing nearby; 13 statue, metal with turquoise of Buddha in meditation position; 14 wood carving of diety, painted mostly blue and red and half in shadow; 23 masks of papermache on wall hanging near rafters over tapestries; 27 monk bowing down to other monk in throne outside in sun for blessing; 33 boxes in wooden gold adored niches in wall, all with blue and red cloth on top and side of them; 36 two boy monks in monastery smiling; 7, 17 monk in blue and yellow costumes with tall metal hats dancing around courtyard; 10 woman in <peyrak> (turquoise hat) and goatskin shawl walking down street; 22 woman in peyrak with baby on her back walking down street; 34 old woman in small peyrak holding bowl of seeds walking through crowd; 24-25 mountains and valley; 30 village in valley, mountains in background; 32 monastery on hillside; 34 temple like building on road on hillside; 5 group of people in decorated tall hats on rooftops looking down; 23 monk on roofrop near spire of buildings; 33 two men wearing colorful costumes and masks dancing in courtyard; 33 two boy monks in tall round red hats holding long end of dongmans; 9, 15 crowd of people, women in peyraks walking wround; 5 woman in peyrak with baby in basket on her back walking through crowd; 11 woman in peyrak with baby in basket on her back36 statue in elaborate robes and tall yellow crested hat and holding prayer beads; 36 old tapestry of Buddha, mostly blue and pink; 29 close up of gilded statues face with long ear lobes; 32 carving of Buddha suspended on wire in decorations; 21 monks in red crested hats playig instruments (kanglings, dongmans) nex to man in old man costume and children; 35 white buildings on hillside; 1 monks in costumes with metal hats dancing around monks playing dongmans; 12 monk in red costume with drum; 18 monk in red costume dancing with drum; 23 two monks with drums in costumes dancing; 5,25-26 monk in costume and colorful hat dancing around wood pieces in courtyard; 4 women bowing to boxes along wall with cloth on them; 20 group of people bowing to man walking through crowd; 33 woman and child standing in courtyard; 37 large crowd of people in courtyard facing stage; 38 large crowd of people in courtyard, monks in front of crowd; 9 boy holding mask of bear; 35 close up of monk;20,30 monk in mask and costume dancing near monk in old man costume, monks playing instruments in background; 1 monks in costumes dancing line in courtyard; 37 monastery on hill in background, temple like buildings in foreground; 4, 22 monks sitting infront of monk on throne; 11,17 women in peyrak by door, man in foreground; 1 woman in crowd in peyraks with men in crowd; 7 close up of woman in peyrak beside man in tall hat; 10,22 women in peyraks sitting against wall, holding a baby; 24 woman in crowd in peyraks, some holding babies; 35-36 men in tall hats sitting near door leaning against a wall; 6,13 monk in costume with drum dancing in courtyard; 28 close up of women in peyraks; 36 women in peyraks sitting in crowd; 38 monks with drums playing them beside wall; 9,22 monastery on hillside with mountains in background; 19,25 monk in courtyard dancing with drum and costume; 5 monks in costumes dancing in courtyard, red costumes; 8,18 monk with drum in courtyard dancing; 24 monks in blue costumes with <bub chal> (cymbals) dancing in courtyard; 35 close up of monk in costume and large hat; 5,8 monk in yellow costume and large hat with drum dancing; 25 monk with drum dancing in courtyard, people on wall in background; 30 zoom in on 25; 12 monk in large round red patterned hat sitting in shade; 25 monks in costume dancing in cirle around courtyard with crowd of people watching; 2,17 monk dancing in courtyard; 21 monk in line dancing in courtyard; 17 monk in elephant mask and costume dancing around courtyard; 5,7 monks in costumes dancing in courtyard infront of wall and patio; 20 men walking through crowd in dark robe; 33 girls wearing brightly colored hair decoration and goatskin shawl; 2 monks in tall red hats walking through courtyard; 11 woman in peyrak with baby in basket next to boy walking through crowd 11,15,35 crowd of people, women wearing peyraks; 11 monk in courtyard in costume dancing; 31 calley with road through it, temple like buildings lining road 37 temple like buildings, woman in tall hat next to building; 19 woman in goatskin shawl on hillside path; 14 monks in masks and costumes dancing in courtyard infront of large crowd; 31 zoom in 14; 38 people walking up rocky pathway; 6 whitewall with children in window; 11 woman ion rooftop next to banner, mountains in background; 23 two monks in costumes dancing infront of patio; 30 monk in costume and mask in courtyard dancing; 14,33 monk in mask and costume dancing in courtyard infront of patio; 14, 19, 21 monk in mask and costume dancing in courtyard; 4 men in foreground out of focus, monk in mask infront of stone wall; 7,13-14 monastery on hillside over white buildings in village; 17 rooftops of village buildings; 27 women in peyraks standing near wall; 14 woman holding child, holding bread near child; 22 monk in costume and mask in courtyard; 25 three women with tall hats in line hugging each other in crowd; 28 woman in peyrak close up; 6, 24 group of women in crowd wearing peyraks; 1 two boy monks holding long end of dongmans wearing round red hats as two monks play the dongmans; 23,30 people on rooftop beside banner, infront of mountains; 5,7 boy monk infront of banner talking to monk in throne; 14 back of womans head wearing peyrak and goatskin shawl; 18 girl in tall hat and beads standing nfront of two boys; 19 woman in peyraks looking at monks in costume; 23 old man costume on monk in courtyard; 33 monk in an old man costume next to sitting children; 5 monks sitting infront of bowls with colorful decorations on it; 8 woman with baby, baby looking at camera; 11 children looking over stone wall; 28 monks playing instruments in courtyard next to monks in costume in courtyard; 9 two monks plaing kanglings facing each other at night on rooftop; 23 monks in line infront of stone wall with people watching; 9 monk with stick dancing, surrounded by monks; 11,13,19 monk with stick dancing; 30 monks dancing in two circles in courtyard; 22 monk dancing in courtyard; 25 monk dancing in courtyard next to patio; 9,11,32 monks dancing in two circles in courtyard; 20, 29, 32 monk dancing near wall and patio; 38 monk dancing in courtyard
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HSFA 86.13.4-1OP
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