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Schecter, Steven  Search this
Physical description:
archival original/preservation transparencies col. 35mm
Tibetans  Search this
Slides (photographs)
Ladakh (India)
title derived from name of project (unpublished work)--archival collection
field notes and logs
Addl. KW Subjects:
Monks Buddhism
Slide photographs shot in Mathoo Monastery, Mathoo Village, Ladakh, India. Numbers 1Art, buddhist diety with white face and clouds of blue and green behind him, mostly wearing red, a dragon with a birds face is beside him, has hat of red with a tuff of white hair coming out of top; 2 Art, a buddhist diety with an orange face holding an orange stick with smoke all around him, set in a landscape; 3 Art, a buddhist diety with a red face and clouds of blue and greent behind him holding a gold cup with a gold lid, has a gold crown with a red hat; 4 Art, a buddhist painted woman without a shirt on, a crown with snakes and holding a red, orange, and white object, is on edge of painting so part of red border is in photo; 5 Art, painted hand strumming guitar that has a dragon painted on it; 6 Art, three statues of monks with large red hats, middle one holding its hand up in <mudras> (hand gestures); 7 Art, Buddha statue in yellow with white scarf on his lap and two monk statues aon either side of him, infront of statues from #6; 8-9 monk statue in tall red hat with white scarf over his arm and offerings infront of him; 10 Art, low shot of #7; 11 boy monk walking under a covered area of the courtyard past a paingint on the wall carrying 2 pots; 12 column details and ceiling with a boys back in the foreground; 13 column with a monk walking past; 14 boys sitting on ledge of balcony, shot across courtyard; 15-16 monk in foreground with back to camera, out of focus, behind him a monk is talking to someone; 17 monk talking, looking at camera; 18 boy partially lit by sunlight holding pots and looking past the camera; 19 two men standing, one with long hair, the other with a tan cap and tan sweater; 20 Art, gilded sculpture of buddhist diety with crown of turquoise; 21-22 building with lions painted on the outside (temple??); 23 landscape, village in valley; 24 building in foreground, valley in background; 25 monks leaning out of window into courtyard, yellow building; 26 valley, green fields from top of village (stacked buildings and terraces on hillside);27 mountain with little vegetarian and marjo erosion; 28 landscape of mountain and valley fields with building in foreground, shot through a window; 29 details of top of column; 30 casted objects of metal and stone (offerings?) infront of painting of red, white and black dancing skeletons; 31 two men leaning against faded painted walls, one has tan cap on, other one wearing red robe; 32 four children standing infront of stone raised porch; 33 long shot of valley turning around mountains with green firles and vilalge in foreground; 35-36 whitewashed buildings with woman and child standing infront of them; 37 woman washing child in small stream
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
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HSFA 86.13.3-1OP
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Film Studies of Traditional Tibetan Life and Culture: Ladakh, India, 1978 1978
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Human Studies Film Archives