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Great Plains Trilogy: From Trail to Rail, Louisiana Purchase - America's Best Buy, Mammoth and Mastodon: Elephants on the Plains, Nebraska Territory - Boom and Bust 1954

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2 hours sound B&W video
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North America
Nebraska, Great Plains
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Edited video is part of an educational series dealing with the life, land, and inhabitants of the Great Plains region from prehistoric times to the mid-20th century. FROM TRAIL TO RAIL, featuring Dr. James C. Olson, depicts the importance of transportation in development of the West, the steamboat and river town, overland freighting, the stage coach, the steam wagon,the story of the Pony Express and the coming of telegraph and railroad. LOUISIANA PURCHASE - AMERICA'S BEST BUY, featuring James C. Olson, depicts the Mississippi Valley in world diplomacy and details the significance of the Louisiana Purchase. Video describes the Lewis and Clark Expedition, their first camp in Nebraska and council with the Indians, and the significance of the Expedition. MAMMOTH AND MASTODON: ELEPHANTS ON THE PLAINS, featuring C. Bertrand Schultz and Lloyd G. Tanner, documents the development and migration of the mammoths and mastodons of the Ice Age from the Old World, hunting by early man on the Great Plains, and extinctions during the Ice Age.
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