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Indians of North America the Yankton Sioux 1993

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Nevison, Henry Producer  Search this
Henry Nevison; Producer, Director  Search this
Marty Moss-Coane; Narration  Search this
Harold Boihem, John Gerbec, Meg Twomey; Editors  Search this
Henry Nevison, Dana Palermo; Audio  Search this
Rich Wilson; script writer  Search this
John Gerbec, Dana Palermo; producers  Search this
Physical description:
30 min sound color video
Yankton Sioux  Search this
Indians of North America  Search this
Projected media
Collection descriptions
North America
United States
Indians of North America Series: The Yankton Sioux. Edited film documents the history of the Yankton Sioux American Indians since the arrival of European settlers in the plains around the Black Hills. Emphasized are the continual conflicts with the United States government over land rights and government policies of assimilation. Film explores the particular history of the Yankton, one of the 14 divisions of the Sioux tribe; explanations reveal both Yankton and general Sioux history. Themes featured include: the change from an agricultural and hunting existance to a trade existance by 1800; The Yankton relationship with non-Indians in the area; the effects of various government acts and policies such as the 1887 Dawes Act and the Indian Reorganization Act, the role of the casino on the reservation; the syncretic relationship between the Sioux religion and the Catholic church. Film documents various spiritual ceremonies and activities: the Sioux Sun Dance ceremony, use of the sacred pipe as part of the prayer ritual; the vision quest; the role of the sweat lodge; feasts where members exchange gifts. Footage depicts drumming and dancing at a powwow, Sioux cabins and teepees, buffalo hunting, casinos on tribal land, interviews with Yankton elders and youths.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Land--acquisition of  Search this
Land--as a source of wealth  Search this
Land--as property  Search this
Land--reclamation  Search this
Land--territory--boundaries  Search this
Land--reservations  Search this
Settlement--patterns  Search this
Migration  Search this
Bands--migratory  Search this
Warriors--status of  Search this
Conflict  Search this
Territorial--boundaries--exploitation  Search this
Territory--annexed consolidation of  Search this
Government--activities--agencies  Search this
Government--care of dependent ethnic groups  Search this
Government--education--public  Search this
Government--expeditions  Search this
Government--military  Search this
Government--policies  Search this
Government--treaties  Search this
Government--legal system--courts--judge  Search this
Government--imprisonment  Search this
Political--authority  Search this
Military--armed forces  Search this
Education--curriculum  Search this
Education--teachers in--theories of  Search this
Education--attitudes toward  Search this
Education--literacy  Search this
History--oral, as a method  Search this
Spiritualism  Search this
Missions--religious  Search this
Nature--ideas about  Search this
Descent--matrilineal  Search this
Assimilation--of ethnic groups  Search this
Gifts--exchange--giving  Search this
Trade  Search this
Alcoholism  Search this
Gambling--casino  Search this
Trading--posts  Search this
Pipes--smoking  Search this
Dance--dancing--performers  Search this
Dance--Sun Dance  Search this
Drums--as musical instruments  Search this
Ceremony--Vision Quest--sweat lodges  Search this
Dwellings--teepees--cabins  Search this
Animals--buffalo--hunting  Search this
Animals--horses  Search this
Animals--cattle  Search this
Agriculture--gardens  Search this
Exploring--expeditions  Search this
Ownership--individual--collective  Search this
Culture--accomodation--adaptation  Search this
Culture--change  Search this
Culture--continuity  Search this
Culture  Search this
Culture--ideals  Search this
Syncretism  Search this
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HSFA 1995.1.7
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Human Studies Film Archives