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Hubbard, Bernard R (Bernard Rosecrans) 1888-1962  Search this
Physical description:
64,700 feet (30 hours 4 minutes) silent b&w film/video
Motion pictures (visual works)
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North America
Supplementary materials: 1,4
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Outtakes and footage shot primarily of the Inupiat of Ugiuvok Village, King Island, Alaska and the surrounding area. Subsistence activities documented include: men hunting seals and polar bears on sea ice and walrus in <umiaqs>; women butchering seals and walrus; men and women ice fishing for bullhead and cod on shore ice; women and girls ice fishing for king crab; women cooking seal; polar bear and walrus meat being cooked on a <qagri> (clubhouse); women and girls picking greens and berries; men and boys netting birds; boys gathering bird eggs; women splitting walrus hides; men cutting hides into rope; men carving ivory, making snowshoes, and building an umiaq; drying meat, hides, and walrus intestines; and storing food in rock caches and in cave. Other activities include: kayak and umiaq races; ceremonial dancing and dancing for "fun" (including both floor and bench dancing); children dancing; children playing games such as football, hockey, and "wild west stick-up;" men playing cards in qagrit; drumming and singing; and feasting in qagrit and schoolhouse. King Islanders are shown departing from the island in the spring by umiaq and returning in the fall by Coast Guard ships and worshipping at the village Catholic church. Footage also includes scenic shots of the island including storms and moving sea ice.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
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HSFA 1993.1.1
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Human Studies Film Archives