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Afro-Brazilian Video Project: Maranhao, Northern Brazil 1991

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Halperin, Daniel  Search this
Afro-Brazilians  Search this
Projected media
Maranhao, Brazil
South America
Maranhò‚ (Brazil)
Sao Luis Island, Maranhao, Brazil
Lira, Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil
title supplied by HSFA staff (unpublished work) - archival collection
Video footage of Afro-Brazilian traditions in Maranhao shot by anthropologist Daniel Halperin. Footage documents activities in honour of Sao Sebastiao including; continuation of the Candomble festival at Pai Euclides' Casa Fanti-Ashanti; a ritual at the Casa das Minas; a Tambor de Mina at the Centro Espirita Lirios de Santo Antonio with Doutora Dilma; a Tambor De Mina ritual at the Terreiro de Jorge in bairro Fe Em Deus; and the end of the Sao Sebastiao ceremonies at the Casa de Nago.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Music--chanting--drumming--singing  Search this
Trance--possession--dancing  Search this
Festivals--Festa de Sao Sebastiao  Search this
Religion--Tambor de Mina--Umbanda--Candomble--Dahomean (Vodun)--Yoruban  Search this
Religion--Centro Espirita Lirios de Santo Antonio--Casa Fanti-Ashanti--Casa das Minas  Search this
Religion--Terreiro de Jorge--Casa de Nago  Search this
Ritual centers--Casa Fanti-Ashanti--Casa das Minas--Centro Espirita Lirios de Santo Antonio  Search this
Ritual centers--Tambor de Mina--Umbanda--Candomble--Dahomean (Vodun)--Yoruban  Search this
Ritual centers--Terreiro de Jorge--Casa de Nago  Search this
Rituals--Sao Sebastiao  Search this
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Mediums--Pai Euclides--Doutora Dilma  Search this
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HSFA 1992.4.1-20
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Afro-Brazilian Video Project: Maranhao, Northern Brazil 1991 [Halperin, Daniel]
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Human Studies Film Archives