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Mbuti Pygmy Footage: Forest Camp, Bira and Ngwana Villages, and Station de Chasse 1954

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Chapman, Frances Canadian Broadcasting Corporation cameraman  Search this
Physical description:
677 ft silent b&w video
Ngwana Musafu village, Ituri Rainforest, Belgian Congo (Zaire)  Search this
Mbuti (African people) Ituri Forest, Belgian Congo (Zaire)  Search this
Bira (African people) Eboyo village Belgian Congo (Zaire)  Search this
Bandaka Belgian Congo (Zaire)  Search this
Projected media
Collection descriptions
Belgian Congo
Congo (Democratic Republic)
Musafu village, Ituri Rainforest, Belgian Congo (Zaire)
Ituri Rainforest, Belgian Congo (Zaire)
Eboyo village, Ituri Rainforest, Belgian Congo (Zaire)
Epulu Station de Chasse, Ituri Rainforest, Belgian Congo (Zaire)
Supplementary materials: 1,4
Footage shot in the Ituri forest, Belgian Congo (Zaire). Footage includes: Pgymy camp life near an Ndaka village; Nkumbi initiates in the Ngwana village of Musafu (later destroyed during the Simba Revolt) and the Bira village of Eboyo; and Station de Chasse on the Epulu River organized for capturing elephants and okapis and training elephants. See also [Joseph Towles Zaire Film Study: Nkumbi and Elimina Initiations: Mbuti, Bandaka and BaBira, 1970-1972], [Mbuti Pygmy Film Study, 1954: Edited Version], and [Mbuti Pygmy Film Study, 1971-1972].
Repository Loc.:
Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Initiation rites--nkumbi  Search this
Musical instruments--slit gong--playing--making of--Bira  Search this
Drumming--nkumbi initiates--Mbuti  Search this
Smoking--pipes--bananna stem--Mbuti  Search this
Musical instruments--zither--string bow--Mbuti  Search this
Cloth--trade cloth--Ndaka  Search this
Camps--Mbuti  Search this
Tourism--zoos  Search this
Elephants--training of--Epulu Station de Chasse  Search this
Local number:
HSFA 1991.13.6
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Human Studies Film Archives