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Afro-Brazilian Video Project: Maranhao, Northern Brazil 1991

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Halperin, Daniel  Search this
Physical description:
50 hrs sound color video
Projected media
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Maranhao, Brazil
Sao Luis
South America
title supplied by HSFA staff (unpublished work) - archival collection
Supplementary materials: 4
Full video record of Afro-Brazilian traditions from Maranhao, Brazil. Documentation includes: chanting, drumming, and trance-possession dancing in the Tambor de Mina tradition in Sao Luis, the capital city of the northern Brazilian state of Maranhao. The rituals of this tradition exhibit some similarities with other more well-known Afro-Brazilian religions such as Candomblé and Umbanda. 'Mina' traditions derive their distinctiveness from prominent Dahomean (Vodun) as well as Amerindian and European influences. Featured is extensive footage of the oldest and most traditionally African "houses" in Sao Luis (for example, the Dahomean or 'Gege' Casa das Minas, the Casa de Nagô, and Casa da Turquia), as well as the numerous Tambor de Mina (both 'Mata' and Spiritist influenced) <terreiros> (ritual centers) in the city. The collection aptly documents the vibrant diversity of form and practice which exists among different terreiros including some in the interior of Sao Luis Island and in the interior Maranhao town of Codó. Documentation also includes footage of popular folk dances and celebrations such as the Bumba-Meu Boi tradition, Carnaval, 'Bloco-Afro' groups, and an imported version of Candomblé.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Music--chanting--drumming--singing--Afro-Jazz--samba--reggae--clubs  Search this
Trance--possession--dancing  Search this
Dance--trance-possession--folk  Search this
Festivals--Bumba-Meu Boi--Carnaval--Bloco-Afro--Reis (Kings) festival  Search this
Religion--Tambor de Mina--Candomble--Umbanda--Dahomean (vodun)--Amerindian--European--religious houses  Search this
Artists--Carlos Prado  Search this
Ritual centers--terreiros--Terreiro de Elzita--Balanco Grande Terreiro  Search this
Ritual--religious--terreiros--curing--feeding of dogs  Search this
Processions--Sao Benedito  Search this
Curing--ceremonies  Search this
Gardens  Search this
Clubs--music--social--casino  Search this
Syncretism  Search this
Festivals--Festival of San Sebastiao--Festa dos Pretos Velhos  Search this
Festivals--Festa do Divinu Spiritu--Carimbo Festa--Anniversario para Ita  Search this
Festivals--Festa para Santa Ana--Festa para Don Luis--Festa Menino Jesus  Search this
Festivals--Terreiro de Lirios de Santo Antonio celebration  Search this
Festivals--Festa para Oxum--Sao Lazaro Festa--Obalvae Festa  Search this
Ritual centers--Terreiro de Joao--Terreiro de Margarida Mota  Search this
Ritual centers--Terreiro de Jorge--Casa Fanti-Ashanti--Casa das Minas  Search this
Ritual centers--Casa de Nago--Casa de Turquia--Terreiro de Lirios de Santo Antonio  Search this
Ritual centers--Terreiro de Elzita  Search this
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HSFA 1992.4.1
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Afro-Brazilian Video Project: Maranhao, Northern Brazil 1991 [Halperin, Daniel]
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