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Johnson, Barbara  Search this
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Sorenson, E. Richard  Search this
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reference one film reel (xxx feet) sound color 16mm
reference sound one film reel (xxx feet) sound color 16mm
archival original one film reel (xxx feet) sound color 16mm
Newar Jyapu  Search this
Motion pictures (visual works)
Kathmandu Valley
Thecho village
Title supplied by Archives staff (unpublished work) -- archival collection
Film footage shot by Barbara Johnson among the Jyapu subcaste of the Newars of Tawnany Tole, Thecho village in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal; CR 61, September 20, late afternoon, a courtyard family works together in a field half way down the valley West of Techo towards the Naku River. Women from the family cultivate the field for a new vegetable crop (saag, or spinach) after the corn harvest. A man in the family spreads humus, probably brought from the courtyard edges or gutters, and another woman begins to broadcast seeds out of a basket. Later in the afternoon a boy slings the tarpani (a length of bamboo with baskets hung on either end) onto his shoulder; the baskets have been loaded with grass by his younger sister. The tarpani had been used earlier to carry compost down to the family fields. All of these activities demonstrate the reliance on cooperation in accomplishing necessary tasks. CR 62, September 21, mid morning, a group of about 15 women from Thecho work in a line hoeing a field about an hour's walk east of Thecho. They have been hired for 5 rupees a day by the fields' owners, Nepali-speaking people, either Brahmins or Chhetris, for three or four days of work. Final shots in this roll take place back in the Tawnany courtyard, including footage of a woman nursing her only son. When another baby comes near her she offers him her other breast, at which point her son covers it up with his hand. CR 63, September 23, mid-afternoon, shows other courtyard activities, including two boys "fighting" with dried cornstalks; a father sitting in his doorway de-licing his daughter, as a younger daughter wearing his cap toddles towards her grandmother; and boys playing in the courthard way-house.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
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HSFA 1986.13.1-21
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Newari Film Project, 1978
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Human Studies Film Archives