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Anders, Carolyn Loring nurse  Search this
Physical description:
1,980 feet (55 minutes) silent b&w film/video
Yoruba (African people)  Search this
Muslims  Search this
Motion pictures (visual works)
Collection descriptions
Niger River
ca 1928
Cataloging supported by Smithsonian Institution Women's Committee
Footage shot in the Yoruba town of Ogbomosho, Nigeria. Mrs. Anders, who worked as the supervisor of native nurses in the local hospital, filmed various aspects of daily life including farming, weaving, pottery making, and food preparation. Footage includes scenes of masked dance ceremonies featuring different types of <egungun> (masked dances), the local chief of the town on his throne receiving obeisance from male subjects, and hospital patients with leprosy.
Repository Loc.:
Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Language and culture  Search this
Carving--wooden bowls  Search this
Food preparation--mortar & pestle  Search this
Carrying--loads on head  Search this
Musical instruments--stringed  Search this
Hospitals--British  Search this
Political authority--chiefs--retainers  Search this
Cooking  Search this
Plagues--locusts  Search this
Masks--dance--egungun  Search this
Possession--religious  Search this
Markets  Search this
House construction--walls--roofs  Search this
Prayer--Muslims  Search this
Pottery--making of  Search this
Shrines--Yoruba  Search this
Kneading--mortar & pestle  Search this
Cattle--Brahmin  Search this
Games--wari  Search this
Baptism--immersion  Search this
Acculturation--Christianity  Search this
Processions--dance  Search this
Boy Scouts  Search this
Nurses  Search this
Disease--leprosy  Search this
Hides--leopard skins--political authority  Search this
Local number:
HSFA 1990.21.1
Data Source:
Human Studies Film Archives