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William Van Valin's Films of Pt. Barrow, Alaska, 1912-1918 [supplied] 86.5.1 - 2

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Nome (Alaska)
Point Barrow, Alaska
Footage shot by William Van Valin as leader of the John Wanamaker Expedition to Pt. Barrow, Alaska for the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Footage known under the main title TIP TOP OF THE EARTH: ARCTIC ALASKAN ESKIMO EDUCATIONAL SERIES; includes subtitles and intertitles to explain shots. Materials depicted include: activities pertaining to reindeer herding (roping, counting, marking, and butchering animals); seal hunting including the solitary trek of a hunter over rough ice; the difficulties of returning over ice with prey in tow; using a dog team to pull bearded seal fromt he water; women butchering seal with ulu; sewing hides for umiak covers; dried seal skins being prepared as trade goods; scenes associated with whaling; butchering whale at water's edge; removing whale jaw to extract baleen; cutting out and cleaning baleen; community recreation of "nela-ka-tuk"--tossing individuals on stretched walrus hide. Views of archaeological excavations at Pt. Barrow showing sketal and cranial remains; scenes of Pt. Barrow during the midnight sun. community recreation--walrus hide toss. View of archaeological excavations and scenes of the midnight sun.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
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HSFA 1986.5.1 - 2
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Human Studies Film Archives