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Paul Travis African Travel Footage 1927-1928

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Travis, Paul Bough 1891-1975  Search this
Physical description:
reference four video cassettes (2 hours 6 minutes) silent b&w 3/4 inch
master four video cassettes (2 hours 6 minutes) silent b&w 3/4 inch
archival original four film reels (3,428 feet) silent b&w 16mm
Zulu (African people)  Search this
Mangbetu (African people)  Search this
Kikuyu (African people)  Search this
Hindi Nairobi  Search this
Masai (African people)  Search this
Lumbwa  Search this
Nyoro (African people)  Search this
Wattusi  Search this
Ubangi  Search this
Ndebele (African people)  Search this
Bira (African people)  Search this
Motion pictures (visual works)
Collection descriptions
Belgian Congo
South Africa
Lake Bunyoni
Belgium Congo
Cape Town (South Africa)
Nairobi (Kenya)
Dungi, Belgium Congo
Lake Bunyoni, Ruanda
Mt. Kilamanjaro, Kenya
Lake Chihaffi, Ruanda
Mufumbiro Mountains
Billingyana, Belgian Congo
Ekibondi (village), Belgian Congo
Cairo (Egypt)
Title supplied by Archives staff (unpublished work)--archival collection
Addl. KW Subjects:
Southern Africa
Footage shot while Travis was on sabbatical leave from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Film documents his travels along the "Cape-to-Cairo" route begun by Cecil Rhodes. Footage includes: street scenes in Cape Town and indigenous dwellings along the South African train route; street scenes in Mombassa, Kenya; Mt. Kilamanjaro in Tanganyika (Tanzania); Hindu stone masons in Nairobi, Kenya; scenes in the Kikuyu Native Reserve; a Lumbwa harvest dance and Christmas service; Tutsi war dance at Billingyama, Ruanda; Africans (probably Banyoro) poling canoes on Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda; colonial labor parties on roadwork in the Belgian Congo (Zaire); Manbetu chief in feathered headdress at Ekibondi Village; Pygmy dance sequences; Congo elephant farm at Dungu, Belgian Congo; and street scenes and bazaars in Cairo, Egypt.
Boger, Ann C. n.d. PAUL B. TRAVIS, AFRICA 1927-1928. Department of Art History and Education, The Cleveland Museum of Art
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Dancing--ceremonies  Search this
Drumming--Matabele--Bira--Mangbetu  Search this
Meals--cooking  Search this
Houses--African house types  Search this
Markets--marketwomen  Search this
Housebuilding--African--European  Search this
Boats--dugouts  Search this
Masonry--Hindi masons  Search this
Garb--ethnic--Massai--Kikuyu--Mangbetu  Search this
Adornment--ear ornamentation--Kikuyu  Search this
Hair--treatment of--Massai--Mangbetu  Search this
Tea--harvesting of--plantations  Search this
Cattle--animal husbandry  Search this
Feathers--use of in headdress--Lumbwa  Search this
Weapons--spears--Massai--Lumbwa  Search this
Musical instruments--drums--horns--Lumbwa  Search this
Smoking--pipes  Search this
Roads--construction of by natives  Search this
Mutilation--lip discs--Ubangi  Search this
Elephants--training of--Congo Elephant Farm  Search this
Streets--bazzar  Search this
Architecture  Search this
Ceremony--Mangbetu--Bira  Search this
Language and culture  Search this
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HSFA 1989.17.1
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