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New Hebrides Film Project: Malekula 1970-1974

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Muller, Kalmun  Search this
National Human Studies Film Center, Smithsonian Institution  Search this
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master one video cassette (33 minutes) silent color 3/4 inch
archival original 1 film reel (1,190 feet) silent color 16mm
Melanesians  Search this
Nambas  Search this
Mbotgate  Search this
Motion pictures (visual works)
New Hebrides
Malekula (Vanuatu)
Lendombwey (Melekula, New Hebrides)
Title supplied by Archives staff (unpublished work)--archival collection
Supplementary materials: still photographs, publications, field notes
Footage shot in the Lendombwey region of south central Malekula in 1971 among the Nambas; shots of daily life centered around family huts including interaction between mothers, fathers and children, siblings at play; grooming activities, and food sharing. Shots of the ceremonial ground and its spatial and aesthetic organization; close up shots of funerary effigies; males entering the men's hut at one corner of ceremonial ground.
Muller, Kal 1972 "Field Notes on the Small Nambas of the New Hebrides". Journal del la Societe des Oceanistes vol. 28, pp. 239-251
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Language and culture  Search this
Houses--family huts  Search this
Division of labor by sex  Search this
Childcare--mother-child interactions  Search this
Grooming  Search this
Adornment--facial painting  Search this
Domestic animals--cats--dogs  Search this
Eating--food sharing  Search this
Play--siblings  Search this
Ceremony--parial organization practices  Search this
Effigies--as related to mortuary practices  Search this
Drums--slit gongs  Search this
Instruments--musical instruments  Search this
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HSFA 1975.1.1 - 5
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New Hebrides Film Project: Malekula 1970-1974 [Muller, Kalmun ethnographic filmmaker (1939- )]
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