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Hurley, Frank explorer  Search this
Physical description:
reference one video cassette (10 minutes) sound b&w 3/4 inch
master one video cassette (10 minutes) sound b&w 3/4 inch
archival original one film reel (877 feet) sound b&w 3/4 inch
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Motion pictures (visual works)
Collection descriptions
Papua New Guinea
Fly River
New Guinea
Paupa New Guinea
Fly River (Papua New Guinea)
Stricklund River
Title from credits (published work)--archival collection
Incomplete edited film is believed to be a reel from a later version of PEARLS AND SAVAGES shot in New Guinea in 1921. Footage includes: on and over the Fly and Strickland rivers and around Lake Murray, overviews of native settlements, Gogodala people of the Fly River Delta paddling canoes, males in cockatoo and cassowary plumed headdresses, large river houses and big houses thatched with sago palm, and local people around sea plane. Reel concludes with scenes of European adventurers standing next to human skulls on post near riverbank. This version contains a fictional narration of the heart-of-darkness genre not originally associated with the Hurley film.
Repository Loc.:
Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
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Local number:
HSFA 1989.1.1
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Human Studies Film Archives