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reference video cassette sound color 1/2 inch
archival original video cassette sound color 1/2 inch
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Video recordings
Kathmandu (Nepal)
Kathmandu Valley (Nepal)
Title supplied by Archives staff (unpublished work)--archival collection
supplementary materials: 3,4
Full video record is a documentation project of a religious and ceremonial life in Asan Tol, a central bazaar in Kathmandu which is important both as a hub for economic transactions and a focal point in the religious geography of the Kathmandu Valley. Shots depict activities around the diety/Bodhisattva Karunamya, one of the central figures in the popular Buddhism of the Mahayana tradition. The diety is carried on a ratha (ritual conveyance/palequin) through the central markets of Kathmandu where devotees make devotions; forms of devotionalism depicted include a host of offerings intended to please the "senses" of the diety; the lighting of 108 wick lamps; offering puja plates and coins; drum and horn music played by groups known as bajans; chanting and reading from the sutras of the Buddhist tradition; adornment with tika (dot on forehead). Many of the sequences illustrate the interbraiding between religious and economic spheres such as the tika dealers adorning the heads of devotees of the ratha and its attendants taking puja and returning prasad.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
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HSFA 1989.5.1 - 3a
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