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AUFS Afghanistan Film Project 1972

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Miller, Norman N. 1933-  Search this
Di Gioia, Herbert filmmaker  Search this
Hancock, David filmmaker  Search this
American Universities Field Staff  Search this
Powell, Josephine  Search this
Shafak, Toryali  Search this
AUFS Advisor:
Dupree, Louis  Search this
Dupree, Nancy 1935-1980  Search this
Physical description:
preservation (video) one digital video file (51 minutes) sound color Jpeg 2000
reference one videocasette (51 minutes) sound color 3/4 inch
master one videocasette (51 minutes) sound color 3/4 inch
archival original two film reels (1,843 feet) assembled film rolls 29 (camera rolls 57,58) and 30 (camera rolls 59,60) sound color 16mm
Afghans  Search this
Muslims  Search this
Motion pictures (visual works)
Title supplied by Archives staff (unpublished work) -- archival collection
Full film record shot in north central Afghanistan in a mountain village near Mazar. Shots include: Afghan nomads in the interior of their tent being interviewed; sheep and camels being driven to the river; activity in a garden which includes scenes of boys preparing furrors for planting, tending irrigation ditches, and breaking up clods of dirt with shovels; men and boys returning from threshing floor carrying sifters; men in the marketplace examining goats, blankets; market scenes including storefront shots, merchants with buyers, a boy having his head shaved, vendors, leatherworkers and carpenters.
Repository Loc.:
Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Language and culture  Search this
Planting--gardens--melons  Search this
Irrigation--gardens  Search this
Nomads--habitations--tents  Search this
Garb--turbans--skullcaps--Muslims  Search this
Markets--vendors  Search this
Gardens--tillage--planting--irrigation  Search this
Meals--tea--male sociability  Search this
Merchants--markets  Search this
Shops--eating--vendors  Search this
Hair--treatment of--shaving  Search this
Barbers  Search this
Carpentry  Search this
Leather industry--tools  Search this
Local number:
HSFA 1975.2.1 - 17
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AUFS Afghanistan Film Project 1972 [Miller, Norman N. 1933-]
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Human Studies Film Archives