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Cotlow, Lewis filmmaker (1898-****)  Search this
Sinclar, Douglas  Search this
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reference video cassettes (1 hour) sound color 3/4 inch
master video cassettes (1 hour) sound color 3/4 inch
archival original film reels (2,100 feet) sound color 16mm
Eskimos  Search this
Arctic peoples  Search this
Indians of North America Subarctic  Search this
Motion pictures (visual works)
Collection descriptions
Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic
North America
ca 1963
title from credits (published work) -- archival collection
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explorer and filmmaker Lewis Cotlow directed expeditions between 1940 and 1969 while carrying the Explorers Club Flag to the Amazon, Africa, Australia, and New Guinea.
Edited film was made in the course of two expeditions to the Canadian Arctic region of Ellesmere Island, Jones Sound, and Baffin Island in 1962 and 1963. In focusing on the life of an extended Inuit "family," Cotlow attempts to portray the adaptation and survival strategies necessary in the frigid environment of the northern Arctic. Sequences focus on family life, relationships between family members, preparation and cooking of meals, a "trial marriage," transportation by dog sleds, building of an igloo, seal hunting with a <teliwak> hunting screen, walrus hunting, and killing of a polar bear. Other footage includes trading of fur pelts, target practice with both rifle and harpoon, soapstone carvings, making of caribou sinew thread and the sewing of parkas, and gift giving to the children by the filmmaker.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Language and culture  Search this
Hunting--techniques of--seals--polar bears  Search this
Food quest--hunting  Search this
Food consumption--seal meat  Search this
Houses--construction of--igloos  Search this
Hides--used as bedding--used as clothing  Search this
Garb--use of animal skins  Search this
Nomadism--Eskimoes  Search this
Singing--as palliative to work--Eskimoes  Search this
Work groups--construction of igloos  Search this
Play--children--Eskimoes  Search this
Transportation--dog sleds  Search this
Trapping--pelts  Search this
Trade--trapping--pelts--trading posts  Search this
Carving--soapstone--Eskimos  Search this
Marriage--conventions of--trial marriage--Eskimos  Search this
Sewing--garb  Search this
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HSFA 1978.1.1/1985.11.7
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Human Studies Film Archives