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Miller, Norman N. 1933-  Search this
Hancock, David 1927-2001  Search this
Di Gioia, Herbert filmmaker  Search this
American Universities Field Staff  Search this
Powell, Josephine  Search this
Shafak, Toryali  Search this
Dupree, Louis  Search this
McGrath, Ellen  Search this
Production manager:
Mival, Eric  Search this
Simmonds, Robert  Search this
Second camera:
Powell, Josephine  Search this
Administration, editing:
Miller, Judith von D  Search this
AUFS Advisor, sound:
Dupree, Nancy 1935-1980  Search this
Jalal  Search this
Mulah, Atah  Search this
Nayim  Search this
Jabar  Search this
Physical description:
reference video casettes (22 hours) sound color video
master video casettes (22 hours) sound color video
archival original film reels (48,000 feet) sound color 16mm
Afghans  Search this
Maldar  Search this
Motion pictures (visual works)
Collection descriptions
Title supplied by Archives staff (unpublished work) -- archival collection
Supplementary materials: photographs, sound recordings, production materials, reviews, essays, study guide
Donated by Norman N. Miller in 2014
Full film record of village life in Afghanistan created for the American University Field Staff "Faces of Change" film series. Footage, shot in the Balkh Province of northern Afghanistan, documents the rhythms and rigors of agricultural life among Muslim sedentarists and follows the Maldar, Afghan nomads from the foothills of Hindu Kush, on their peregrinations. Footage includes: various subsistence and economic activities (search for grazing areas, irrigation and plowing of fields, creation of irrigation canal by diverting a river, cycle of the wheat harvest, herding and shearing of sheep, herding of goats, watering animals, gardening, brickmaking, and markets); male recreational and religious activities (horsemanship, male tea gatherings, various musical and dance performances, wrestling matches, boy shaving head of an adult male, men and boys weeding gardens, and religious observances at a mosque); Maldar encampments; setting and breaking camp; camel husbandry; village adjudications; fishing with throw nets; and interiors of nomadic tent houses. The films "Afghan Village", "Naim and Jabar", "Wheat Cycle", "Afghan Nomads: The Maldar" and "Afghan Women" were produced from this film project.
Repository Loc.:
Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Animal husbandry--herding  Search this
Food Preparation--wheat--flour  Search this
Food Consumption--meals  Search this
Irrigation--canals  Search this
Sports--wrestling  Search this
Spectacles--horsemanship--contests  Search this
Gardens--irrigation of  Search this
Work groups--male--irrigation canals  Search this
Markets--activities in  Search this
Bricks--manufacture of  Search this
Garb--turbans  Search this
Harvests--wheat  Search this
Threshing--threshing floors  Search this
Musical instruments--flutes  Search this
Dance  Search this
Music  Search this
Herding--goats--sheep  Search this
Prayer--Muslims  Search this
Tents--as dwellings--nomads  Search this
Hair--treatment of  Search this
Camels--as carriers  Search this
Blacksmiths  Search this
Tinsmiths  Search this
Sheep--shearing of  Search this
Music--as palliative to work  Search this
Fishing--nets  Search this
Political gatherings  Search this
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HSFA 2014.2.1
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Human Studies Film Archives