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Gibson, Gordon D (Gordon Davis) 1915-2007  Search this
Visima  Search this
Kapupu  Search this
Omusupi  Search this
Kaumbila  Search this
Luhuna  Search this
Balundu  Search this
Kawiyu  Search this
Physical description:
reference one DVD (58 minutes) sound color DVD
master 3 video cassettes (58 minutes) sound color 3/4 inch
archival original 2,100 feet sound color 16mm
Bantu Zimba  Search this
Herero (African people) Zimba  Search this
Nzima (African people)  Search this
Motion pictures (visual works)
Collection descriptions
Damba Region
Supplementary materials: 3,5,6
title supplied by Archives staff (unpublished work) -- archival collection
Cataloging supported by Smithsonian Institution Women's Committee
Full film record of a research film project documenting the Zimba, a pastoral Bantu people of southwestern Angola. Footage documents the organization of Zimba homesteads, role of women in the domestic economy, and men engaged in pastoral activities. Sequences include: women threshing, winnowing, and stamping millet (for cereal and beer); milking cows; watering cattle; weaving baskets; and making fences to protect their fields. Men are shown churning milk and herding and watering cattle.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Language and culture  Search this
Domestic life  Search this
Women  Search this
Division of labor by sex--threshing--grain--millet  Search this
Food preparation--winnowing--grain  Search this
Basketry--winnowing  Search this
Speech--greetings  Search this
Domestic activities--food preparation--milk  Search this
Food preparation--graineries  Search this
Alcohol--beermaking--grain  Search this
Adornment--rites of passage--headdress  Search this
Adornment--women--hair styles  Search this
Pastoral activities--watering  Search this
Hair styles--males--females--life cycle--social identity  Search this
Children--food preparation  Search this
Tillage--fences--division of labor by sex--women  Search this
Tillage--women  Search this
Tools--agricultural  Search this
Trade--tools--textiles  Search this
Acculturation--dress--clothing  Search this
Music--tillage--rhythms  Search this
Food preparation--mortar-and-pestle  Search this
Division of labor by sex--tillage  Search this
Zimba  Search this
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HSFA 1983.5.4
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Human Studies Film Archives