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Harris, Hillary filmmaker ( - )  Search this
Breidenbach, George  Search this
Physical description:
2,700 feet sound color film
Nuer (African people)  Search this
Nilotic peoples  Search this
Ethiopians  Search this
Motion pictures (visual works)
Collection descriptions
Baro River
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Edited film made among the eastern Nuer of Ethiopia, a Nilotic cattle-herding people. The cinematic construction of the film seeks to convey a holistic feel for Nuer lifeways, particularly the intimacy between the Nuer and their cattle. Narration provides anthropological accounts of such events as a dispute over bridewealth, a ghost marriage, and a <gar> (male initiation) ceremony in which two boys receive forehead incisions. Also included is a subtitled interview in which an old man offers his own comments on Nuer life and customs.
Repository Loc.:
Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Animal husbandry--cattle  Search this
Seasonal migrations--cattle--camps--courtship  Search this
Herding--cattle--milking  Search this
Transhumance--cattle--migrations (583-720 roll 2)  Search this
Housebuilding--wattle-and-daub--thatching--cow dung (1026-62 roll 1)  Search this
Rites of passgae--manhood--scarification--"Gar"  Search this
Marriage--spirits--kin relationships--artificial--"ghost marriage"  Search this
Divorce--bride price--cattle--infertility  Search this
Households--domestic activities--women  Search this
Food preparation--women--mortar-and-pestle  Search this
Scarification--ethos--adornment--jewelry--crafts  Search this
Prophets--"leopard skin chief"--propitiation--disease--epidemics--animal sacrifice--procession  Search this
Animal sacrifice--butchering--kinship  Search this
Food quest--annual cycle--animal husbandry--fishing--agriculture  Search this
Fishing--spears--wet season  Search this
Music--ceremony--drumming--dancing  Search this
Cattle--households--fuel--cow dung  Search this
Hygiene--cattle--cow dung ashes--urine--daily ablutions  Search this
Naming--male identity--cattle  Search this
Councils--speech--disputation--kin groups  Search this
Ritual--male initiates--ritual specialists--manhood  Search this
Religious beliefs--cattle--invocations--blessing--cow dung ashes  Search this
Spirit possession--illness--ritual expiation  Search this
Epidemics--children--small pox  Search this
Nakedness--normal garb  Search this
Special garments--ceremony  Search this
Effigies--clay--cattle--children  Search this
Tobacco--smoking--pipes  Search this
Adornment--hair styles--jewelry--facial painting  Search this
Pastoral activities--division of labor by sex  Search this
Language and culture  Search this
Nuer  Search this
Nilotic  Search this
Local number:
HSFA 1984.19.6
Data Source:
Human Studies Film Archives