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National Museum of Natural History (U.S.) Division of Mammals  Search this
Coues, Elliott 1842-1899  Search this
True, Frederick William 1858-1914  Search this
Miller, Gerrit S (Gerrit Smith) 1869-1956  Search this
Lyon, Marcus Ward 1875-1942  Search this
Hollister, N (Ned) 1876-1924  Search this
Kellogg, Remington 1892-1969  Search this
Gilmore, Raymond M (Raymond Maurice) 1907-1983  Search this
Setzer, Henry W  Search this
Handley, Charles O (Charles Overton) 1924-2000  Search this
Thorington, Richard W  Search this
Mead, James G  Search this
Carleton, Michael D  Search this
Johnson, David H (David Horn) 1912-1996  Search this
Hoffmann, Robert S  Search this
Wilson, Don E  Search this
United States National Museum  Search this
Physical description:
69.55 cu. ft. unprocessed holdings
34.75 cu. ft. processed holdings
Electronic records
Floppy disks
Compact discs
Black-and-white photographs
Color photographs
Field notes
Laboratory notebooks
Floor plans
Scientific illustrations
Digital versatile discs
Digital images
Black-and-white negatives
Black-and-white transparencies
Color transparencies
Series Level Description
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Alphabetic and chronologic
Consists of records documenting the identification, loan, and acquisition of specimens; requests for information from scientists and the public; expeditions, field trips, and collectors; research being carried out by the staff; the publication of scientific papers; and administration of the Division of Mammals. Curators represented in these records include Elliott Coues, Honorary Curator, 1880-1883; Frederick William True, Curator, 1883-1909; Gerrit S. Miller, Assistant Curator and Curator, 1898-1940; Marcus Ward Lyon, Aid and Assistant Curator, 1898-1909; Ned Hollister, Assistant Curator, 1910-1916; Remington Kellogg, Assistant Curator and Curator, 1928-1948; David H. Johnson, Associate Curator and Curator, 1941-1967; Raymond M. Gilmore, Associate Curator, 1944-1947; Henry W. Setzer, Associate Curator and Curator, 1949-1979; Charles O. Handley, Jr., Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, 1950- ; Richard W. Thorington, Associate Curator, 1969-1976, Curator, 1976-2015, and Curator Emeritus, 2015-2017; James G. Mead, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, 1972- ; Michael D. Carleton, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, 1979- ; Robert S. Hoffmann; and Don E. Wilson, Curator, 2000- . Materials include incoming and outgoing correspondence and related materials. Some materials are in electronic format.
Repository Loc.:
Smithsonian Institution Archives, Capital Gallery, Suite 3000, MRC 507; 600 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20024-2520
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Local number:
SIA RS00037
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Correspondence 1880-2017 [National Museum of Natural History (U.S.) Division of Mammals]
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