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Jesse Logan Nusbaum Papers ca. 1900-1980

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Collection descriptions
ca 1900-1980
Jesse Logan Nusbaum was a Southwest archeologist, research and museum administrator, and National Park Service administrator. He was an employee of the School of American Research, long-time superintendent and archeologist at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, and first director of the Laboratory of Anthropology in Santa Fe. For brief periods of time, he was affiliated with the Bureau of American Ethnology, United States National Museum, and Museum of American Indians, and he worked in the field as assistant to Edgar Lee Hewett, Alfred Vincent Kidder, Sylvanus Griswold Morley (in Central America), and Frederick Webb Hodge. Included in his projects were work on the Pajrito Plateau, excavation and repairs at Balcony House on Mesa Verde,
restoration of the Palace of Governors in Santa Fe, installation of exhibits at the Panama-California Exposition, excavation at Basketmaker Cave in Kane County, Utah, and investigations on El Paso Natural Gas Company Projects in the Southwest.
The collection was donated by Rosemary Nusbaum, June 1987.
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