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Gatschet, Albert S (Albert Samuel) 1832-1907  Search this
Tyler, Leonard  Search this
Making Medicine 1844-1931  Search this
Taylor, Rubin  Search this
Indian N.E. of Agency  Search this
Indian names at Darlington  Search this
Petter, Rodolphe  Search this
Block, Philip Darlington, Oklahoma  Search this
Mooney, James 1861-1921  Search this
Riggs, Stephen Return 1812-1883  Search this
Hawkins, Kish  Search this
Making Medicine 1844-1931  Search this
Magpie  Search this
Wolf Face Cheyenne  Search this
Bent, James  Search this
Bent, George  Search this
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53 pages
Cheyenne Southern  Search this
Cheyenne Indians  Search this
Indians of North America Great Plains  Search this
Dakota Indians  Search this
Yankton Indians  Search this
Teton Indians  Search this
Kiowa Indians  Search this
Navajo Indians  Search this
Arapaho Indians  Search this
Caddo Indians  Search this
Wichita Indians  Search this
Indians of North America Southwest, New  Search this
Indians of North America Southern States  Search this
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Addl. KW Subjects:
From Leonard Tyler - text with interlinear translation, (Muihas or the Magpie) - 3 pages (No. 5-7). From David Pendleton (Making Medicine) - words - 4 1/2 pages. (No. 13-17). From Rubin Taylor - words and sentences - 3 pages. (No. 17-20). From Indian N.E. of Agency - words, 1/2 page. (No. 21). Names of Indians at Darlington - 6 names (page No. 21). Rudolph Petter - Collection of words - 2 pages (No. 22-23). Philip Block - Notes on different Indians by tribes - 1 page (No. 24). James Mooney - tribal names for the Cheyenne by the Yankton, Kiowa, Teton, Navajo and Arapaho. - 1/2 page. (No. 51)
Stephen R. Riggs - Dakota Grammar - extracts from. Approx. 20 pages. (Contributions Vol. IX (1893) ). Kish Hawkins - sentences - 3 pages. (No. 8-10). grammatical notes - 25 pages. (25-50). grammatical notes - 18 pages. (72-90). James Bent - Comparative Vocabulary of the Caddo, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Wichita - 1 page. (No. 90). Ditto - Arapaho and Cheyenne - 6 pages. (No. 91-96). Wolf Face - Notes on Cheyenne - 3 1/4 pages. (No. 97-100). Natural Philosophy - 3 pages. (No. 101-103). George Bent - list of personal names - 1 1/4 pages. (No.106-7).
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Manuscript 61, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland
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Kiowa language  Search this
Navajo language  Search this
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