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Southwest (not certain) / Basin (not certain), United States, North America
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This basket is has both 362319 and 362318 written on it. Linda Eisenhart had identified it as possibly # 362318, and so it was formerly inventoried as part of E362318-0, but that is probably a wrong number, as there is another basket with that number that more closely matches the description on the card. E362319-0 is also a wrong number -- that is a Comanche feather hair ornament. It seems likely that this basket was part of the Evans collection. Perhaps it was given catalog number 362319 but the information was not written down, and therefore the number was also given to the hair ornament? In any case, the basket has now been given this catalog number, E362319A-0, to differentiate it from both 362318 and 362319, since these objects appear to be unrelated to this basket.
Per Margaret Mathewson, 3-21-2015, the Southern Paiute made many of the older Navaho wedding baskets and they are know to use paint-on dyes (natural in the old days) and 'sunburned' willow, which the reddish brown looks to be. Based on that, the basket may be Navaho/S. Paiute?
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27 Mar 2015
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