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Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

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83 field books
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Smithsonian Institution Archives
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Collection record
United States
Grand Canyon
New Mexico
North Dakota
Glacier National Park
New York
Yellowstone National Park
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This collection of field notes is part of a larger collection of the papers of Vernon Bailey which can be found using the same record unit number (RU7267). This collection consists of field notes and journals documenting Vernon Orlando Bailey's career as a field naturalist for the Bureau of Biological Survey and its predecessor the Division of Economic Ornithology and Mammalogy of the Department of Agriculture, 1889-1933. Also included are notes and journals from field trips made by Bailey after his retirement from the Biological Survey in 1933, particularly in relation to his research on how to create more humane animal traps. The field notes contain a record of flora and fauna observed and collected by Bailey. Also included are narrative journal entries, specimen lists, travel itineraries, expense accounts, miscellaneous notes, and drawings. Field books often contain loose pressed flower and plant specimens.
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SIA RU007267
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