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Phylum Cnidaria; Corals, Medusae, Hydroids, Myxozoa

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Gordon, Dennis P.  Search this
Schuchert, Peter  Search this
Cairns, Stephen D.  Search this
Opresko, Dennis M.  Search this
Fautin, Daphne G.  Search this
Pugh, Philip R.  Search this
Williams, Gary  Search this
Brook, Fred  Search this
Campbell, Hamish J.  Search this
Dawson, Elliott W.  Search this
Gerhswin, Lisa A.  Search this
Hine, P. Michael  Search this
Ocaña V, Oscar  Search this
Sanchez, Juana  Search this
Vervoort, Will  Search this
Watson, Jeanette  Search this
Wright, Athony J.  Search this
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Smithsonian staff publication
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Cairns, S.D., Gerhswin, L.A., Brook, F., Pugh, P.R., Dawson, E.W., Ocaña V, O., Vervoort, W., Williams, G., Watson, J., Opresko, D.M., Schuchert, P., Hine, P.M., Gordon, D.P., Campbell, H.J., Wright, A.J., Sanchez, J. and Fautin, D.G. 2009. Phylum Cnidaria; Corals, Medusae, Hydroids, Myxozoa. In: Gordon, D.P., <i>New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity. Volume 1. Kingdom Animalia: Radiata, Lophotrochozoa, Deuterostomia.</i> Christchurch: Canterbury University Press, pp.59-101.
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