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[Trade catalogs from Bausch & Lomb, Inc.]

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Bausch & Lomb, Inc.  Search this
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See also - Charles River Laboratories, Inc. (div.) ; Charles River Biotechnical Services, Inc. (div.); Panoptik Co., Inc. ; Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. ; Micro-Line Division ; Applied Research Laboratories, Inc.  Search this
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Binoculars ; chemicals ; colorimeters ; contour measuring projectors ; engineering instruments ; 'Focus' ; lenses ; magnifiers ; metallographic equipment ; metallurgical microscopes ; micro-projectors ; microscopes ; microscope -illuminators ; microtomes ; misc. optical and lab equipment ; opthalmic equipment ; photographic lenses ; photomicrography ; projection equipment (Balopticon) ; range finders ; refractometers ; spectrographic equipment ; 1880's - 1970's ; bifocal lenses ; stereo trainers ; star projector ; anti-aircraft height finders ; searchlight mirrors ; battery commanders' telescopes ; aviators' goggles ; bubble sextant ; anti-tank gun sights ; spotting scopes ; safety goggles ; electronic digital measuring system ; "Vu-tron" ; "Super Gage" ; "Measure-rite" ; "DR optical gage" ; Precision rulings scales and grids ; "Acu-rite - 5" ; scratch depth gage ; "precisionist" ; "Die wear microscope" ; "Ray Ban" sunglasses ; "Orthogon" lenses ; Panoptik Bifocal Primer ; Bulletin from the New England Contact Lens Society, Inc. of their Incorporation and By-Laws ; Information on the Connecticut Optician's Association Member Information ; Opticians Association of America Constitution and Bylaws for June 1974 ; The Association of Dispensing Opticians "Examinations, Correspondence Courses and Training Courses" ; Optician's Association of America Constitution and Bylaws for June 1981 ; Charter of Bylaws and Code of Ethics for The Guild of Prescription Opticians of America, Inc. ; Information on Caescanometry ; "Contact Lens Nomenolature" from the Contact Lens Society of Connecticut ; Newspaper Article from The Bridgeport Post entitled "Barnum Museum Focuses on Spectacles' History" dated March 9, 1982 ; "What a Spectable! Eyeglasses, and how they Evolved" By Dora Jane Hamblin ; "The Origin and Development of Spectacles" By C.J.S. Thompson ; Photocopy of an advertisement entitled "Busch" ; Symposium on "Legislation and the Role of the Paraprofessional in Eye Care" given by American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology January-February 1977 ; Booklet on "Dispensing Contact Lenses" by Kenneth V. Swanson ; List of Promotional Items and Correspondence ; List of Miscellaneous Literature ; List of Brochures ; List of Trade Literature ; Letter to Dr. Davis at the Smithsonian ; Paper about the "Nasal Clamp Supported by Eyeglass Frame" By Gustave Aufright, M.D. ; A group of Proposals by Hardy Burmester and Lennart Jenssen in Regards to the Pricing of Rochester-manufactured Bifocal Lenses ; Memo about the Commission Rates for Frame Salesmen ; Letter to Robert Parker about the Status of the Company in Europe ; Advertisement for the Contrast Ratio Viewer ; Letter about the Rochester Factory Prescription Price List ; Inter Office Memo ; Management Bulletin from February 11, 1977 ; Letter from January 6, 1978 ; Letter to Bob Parker about the 1977-78 Compensation Plan ; Letter to Distributors, September 26, 1977 ; Letter Justifying the Need to Spend 280 dollars on Training Materials ; Letter Detailing a Telephone Conversation with Bob Simms on May 12, 1978 Magnifiers and Readers ; Color Postcard showing the Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. at Rochester, N.Y. ; The Magnarule ; Booklet on how to Sell Magnifiers ; Patient Instruction booklet for Wearers of Soflens ; The Magnimaid ; Film Slide Viewer ; Advertising Sample of the Panoptic Bifocals ; Nuway Reading Glass ; Consumer Guide to Soft and Hard Contact Lens Care Products ; Patient Instruction Booklet for Wearers of Soft Contact Lenses ; Reducing Glass ; Spectral Transmission Charts ; Pamphlet entitled "Helpful Hints for More Beautiful Eyes" ; Orthogon Rx Authorization Forms ; Pamphlet on "Good Reasons for Plastic Lenses in Your Glasses" ; Orthogon Price List for Uncut Lenses and Semi-Finished Blanks July1, 1931 ; Orthogon Advertising ; Spherical Illuminator Directions ; The Golden Years Newsletter ; Pamphlet entitled "Half of them Blindfolded" urging people to have their eyes checked ; Prescription Price Lists Dated April 1, 1927, May 15, 1929, May 11, 1931, June 1, 1931, and August 15, 1931 ; Panoptik ; Artascope ; Subscription for Eye Witness ; Advertising Sample "Ray-Ban Anti-Glare Sun Goggles" ; Electronic Stock Renewal System SRS 22 ; Informationon Refractometers ; A Guide to Maxi Performers ; Price List May 24, 1964 - October 31, 1964 ; Helium-Neon Gas Laser ; 200 Omnigraphic Recorder ; Information on Which Spectrophotometer is your Best Buy ; Information about Cataracts ; Spectronic 20 Colorimeter ; Newsletter March 4-8, 1963 ; Strip Chart Recorder V.O.M.5 ; Photo-zoom ; Price List December 1, 1983 ; Bausch & Lomb Advertising Bulletin No. 11, Nov, 16, 1936 ; High Power Steroviewer ; Opthalmic Lenses ; Brochure on Soft Lenses ; Zymat 340 Enzyme Analyzer ; Orthogon 65mm Single Vision Full Round Lenses ; Compact Acuity Projector ; Grating Monochromators ; Certified-Precision Diffraction Gratings ; Ophthalmic Lenses Stock Price List September 30, 1967, April, 1970, March, 1971, and March 1973, Pamphlet on "Insight into Eyesight" ; About Astigmatism ; Glass Plastic Rx Price List ; Ophthalmic Lenses Distributor Price Lists September 28, 1968, February 1974, July 1974, ; Ophthalmic Lenses Rochester Factory Prescription Price List September, 1970 ; market analysis & product development study 1977 ; optical instruments for examining and analzying metals ; binocular microscopes ; Chamot Chemical Microscope ; phase contrast accessories ; Dynoptic Labroscopes ; ear wax removal system ; "Bausch & Lomb Magazine (v.29 n.1) ; "Bausch & Lomb At War"...this comprises the uncataloged portion
Trade catalog, price lists, manual, samples and histories
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491 pieces; 7 boxes
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Trade catalogs
Trade literature
Rochester, New York, United States
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Ceramics; pottery; glass; crystal; china; bricks; and stones  Search this
Chemicals and chemical products  Search this
Curios; novelties and souvenirs  Search this
Laboratories and laboratory supplies and equipment  Search this
Measuring; calculating and testing devices  Search this
Medical and surgical instruments and supplies  Search this
Military equipment and supplies (including uniforms)  Search this
Photographic equipment and supplies  Search this
Scientific and optical instruments  Search this
Surveying supplies  Search this
"Laboratories -- Furniture, equipment, etc."  Search this
Armed Forces -- Equipment  Search this
Calculators  Search this
Cameras  Search this
Ceramics  Search this
Chemicals  Search this
Collectibles  Search this
Glass  Search this
Measuring instruments  Search this
Medical instruments and apparatus industry  Search this
Military supplies  Search this
Military uniforms  Search this
Novelties  Search this
Optical instruments  Search this
Photographic industry  Search this
Porcelain  Search this
Pottery  Search this
Scientific apparatus and instruments  Search this
Souvenirs (Keepsakes)  Search this
Surgical instruments and apparatus industry  Search this
Surveying -- Instruments  Search this
Surveying instrument industry  Search this
Weighing instruments  Search this
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