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Palo-Myers, Inc.  Search this
Related companies:
Palo Company , Teschner-Myers Co. Inc. (1930s), Palo Laboratory Supplies, Inc. (1950s) ; Baker & Adamson Chemical Co. ; Grasselli Chemical Co. ;  Search this
Notes content:
Catalogs (dating between 1916 and 1957) on scientific laboratory equipment ; apparatus instruments and assayers' materials for biological , bacteriological , chemical , physical , metallurgical and astronomical uses ; reagents ; Gas Testing Apparatus: recording, micrometers and precision gauges, calorimeters and recording thermometers ; analytical balances , micrometer caliper , stop watches , filter papers , water stills , cameras , microscope lamps and microscope slide boxes. "The Palo Retort" containing "A Few Notes on the Early History of the Chemical Exposition". Waldo Hardness Tester ; Adams Centrifuges ; Nelson Vacuum-Blast-Pressure Pump ; sulphate photometers ; electrolytic apparatus ; pHydrion papers ; Silicate of Soda ; motorized laboratory stirrer ; Polyethylene bottles, beakers, tubing , funnels ; Plastic Laboratory Supplies: Polyethylene , Polyurethane , Polyvinyl and nylon. ; Shampaine portable hospital sterilizers and autoclaves ; absorption bulb , alkimeter , voltmeter , aprons , animal cage , ampule , asbestos boards and gloves , bottles , crucibles , drying ovens , autoclaves , balances and weights , beakers , blood and urine testing aparatus , sediment testers , pipettes , holders , van slyke apparatus , blowers and pumps , brushes , burettes , burners , calorimeters , capsules , cement testers , centrifuges , clamps , colorimeters , combustion boats , condensers , conductivity aparatus , corks , counting aparatus , crucibles , crushers , grinders and mills , dissecting sets , forceps , distilling aparatus , water stills , extraction aparatus , filters , flasks , funnels , furnaces , gas analysis aparatus , gas density balance , glass rods and tubing , goggles , hydrometers , hydrogen-ion aparatus , incubators , ovens , jars , labels , lamps , laboratory furniture , magnifiers , microscopes , microtomes , milk testing apparatus , mortars , Westinghouse motors , moulds , muffles , nitrogen apparatus , nitrometer , oil testing apparatus , ovens and sterilizers , platinum anodes cathodes and dishes , polariscopes , potash bulbs , projectors , photo-micrographic cameras , radio activity apparatus , refractometers , refrigerators , retorts , rheostats , rings , rubber stoppers and tubing , saccharimeters , shaking apparatus , sieves , slide rules , spectroscopes , sterilizers , stirring apparatus , stopcocks , stop watches , supports , syphon pumps , thermometers , thermostats , tripods , tongs , valves , wire gauze.
Trade catalog, price lists and manual
Black and white images
Physical description:
117 pieces; 2 boxes
Type of material:
Trade catalogs
Trade literature
New York, New York, United States
Topic (Romaine term):
Biotechnology and biochemical equipment and supplies  Search this
Plumbing supplies and fixtures  Search this
Refrigeration and ice-making equipment  Search this
Medical and surgical instruments and supplies  Search this
Materials handling equipment (includes barrels; bottling and filling; casters; chains; etc.)  Search this
Measuring; calculating and testing devices  Search this
Clocks and watches (including clock-making and watch-making equipment)  Search this
Hardware and hand tools  Search this
Photographic equipment and supplies  Search this
Chemicals and chemical products  Search this
Scientific and optical instruments  Search this
Laboratories and laboratory supplies and equipment  Search this
Plastics and rubber  Search this
"Laboratories -- Furniture, equipment, etc."  Search this
Barrels  Search this
Biochemical engineering  Search this
Biotechnology  Search this
Bottling  Search this
Calculators  Search this
Cameras  Search this
Chemicals  Search this
Clocks and watches  Search this
Hardware  Search this
Ice -- Manufacture  Search this
Industrial equipment  Search this
Measuring instruments  Search this
Medical instruments and apparatus industry  Search this
Optical instruments  Search this
Photographic industry  Search this
Plastics industry and trade  Search this
Plumbing equipment industry  Search this
Plumbing fixtures  Search this
Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery  Search this
Rubber industry and trade  Search this
Scientific apparatus and instruments  Search this
Surgical instruments and apparatus industry  Search this
Tools  Search this
Weighing instruments  Search this
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