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[Trade catalogs from Hilger & Watts, Ltd.]

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Hilger & Watts, Ltd.  Search this
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“…in 1948 Hilger amalgamated with the well-known metrology instrument manufacturer E R Watts and the company became known as Hilger & Watts…In 1993 the company became reacquainted with an old friend. Jarrell Ash who are part of the Thermo Electron group of companies. Hilger Analytical became part of Thermo Electron in that year….In order to strengthen the Crystal Materials Group of Hilger Analytical it was decided to form Hilger Crystals Ltd. in 1997…In July 2004 Thermo Electron sold Spectra Physics to Newport Corporation who are based in the US. In order to strengthen and reinforce the Hilger brand the product line was re branded back to Hilger Crystals.. a name that is 130 years old!!” Source: ; Adam Hilger, Ltd. ; E. R. Watts & Son ; Hilger & Watts, Ltd. - Hilger Div. ; Rank Precision Industries, Analytical Div. (subsidiary?). Engis Equipment Co.  Search this
Notes content:
Astronomical and optical instrument makers ; steeloscopes ; polarimeters ; spectrometers ; spectrophotometers ; “Low-Hilger” audiometers (formerly known as “Hilger” optical sonometers) ; interferometers (for the testing and correction of prisms and lenses) ; strainviewers (or strain viewers, strain-viewers) for glassware ; “Rayleigh” interference refractometers ; x-ray tubes and other accessories ; survey stereoscope and contour plotters ; vitameters ; projectors for optical gauging and inspection ; “Abbe” refractometers ; blancometers, a photoelectric (or photo-electric) colorimeters ; “Wilson” projection comparators ; temperature regulators ; photoelastic apparatus ; electrophoresis apparatus. Spectrographs ; x-ray diffraction cameras ; micro-focus x-ray units ; lamps and light sources for “Hilger” instruments ; monochromators ; high resolving power apparatus ; measuring microscopes ; absorptiometers ; fluorimeters ; “Watts” microptic measuring machines ; surface alignment telescope and targets ; self-setting levels for surveyors and engineers ; microptic theodolites ; Babinet Compensator and Mount ; etc. (403 pieces for Adam Hilger, Ltd. portion and 133 pieces for the other portions)
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545 pieces; 10 boxes
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Trade catalogs
Trade literature
London, United Kingdom
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Laboratories and laboratory supplies and equipment  Search this
Lighting (electric; gas; candle; oil; etc.)  Search this
Measuring; calculating and testing devices  Search this
Photographic equipment and supplies  Search this
Scientific and optical instruments  Search this
Surveying supplies  Search this
"Laboratories -- Furniture, equipment, etc."  Search this
Calculators  Search this
Cameras  Search this
Candles  Search this
Lamps  Search this
Lighting  Search this
Measuring instruments  Search this
Optical instruments  Search this
Photographic industry  Search this
Scientific apparatus and instruments  Search this
Surveying -- Instruments  Search this
Surveying instrument industry  Search this
Weighing instruments  Search this
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