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Gardner, Isabella Stewart, 1840-1924  Search this
Indy, Vincent d'  Search this
Sterne, Maurice  Search this
Hale, Philip Leslie  Search this
Modjeska, Helena  Search this
Slade, Irene  Search this
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey  Search this
Damrosch, Walter Johannes  Search this
Mosby, John Singleton  Search this
Agassiz, Elizabeth Cabot Cary  Search this
Slade, C. Arnold (Caleb Arnold)  Search this
Hooper, Edward W.  Search this
Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich  Search this
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus  Search this
Donoghue, John  Search this
Balch, Anne L.  Search this
Barnard, George Grey  Search this
McComas, Francis John  Search this
Zorn, Anders  Search this
Cook, Walter W. S. (Walter William Spencer),  Search this
Warren, Fiske  Search this
Rothenstein, Will  Search this
Jaccaci, Augusto Floriano  Search this
Draper, Ruth  Search this
Sachs, Paul J. (Paul Joseph)  Search this
Hosmer, Harriet Goodhue  Search this
Gardner, William Amory  Search this
Sears, Sarah C.  Search this
Story, Julian  Search this
Wheelwright, Edmund March  Search this
Aïdé, Hamilton  Search this
Brimmer, Martin  Search this
Anisfeld, Boris Israelevich  Search this
Chalfin, Paul  Search this
Norton, Andrews  Search this
Byard, Theodore  Search this
Mather, Frank Jewett  Search this
Ross, Denman Waldo  Search this
Norton, Richard  Search this
Agassiz, Louis  Search this
Thayer, William Roscoe  Search this
Guiney, Louise Imogen  Search this
Cross, Sally  Search this
Brown, J. Appleton  Search this
Blake, William P. (William Phipps),  Search this
Ladd, Anna Coleman Watts  Search this
Cram, Ralph Adams  Search this
Abbott, Lyman  Search this
Arliss, George  Search this
Chapman, Conrad Wise  Search this
Ward, Humphry  Search this
Barnes, Grace Edith  Search this
Lowell, James Russell  Search this
Macomber, Mary L. (Mary Lizzie),  Search this
Carter, Morris  Search this
Bigelow, William Sturgis  Search this
Terri, Ellen  Search this
Dole, Nathan Haskell  Search this
Berenson, Mary  Search this
Dwight, Theodore F.  Search this
Godkin, Edwin Lawrence  Search this
Hammond, Richard P.  Search this
Higginson, Henry Lee  Search this
French, Daniel Chester  Search this
Bunker, Dennis Miller  Search this
De Wolfe, Elsie  Search this
Prichard, Matthew Stewart  Search this
Pater, Walter  Search this
La Farge, John  Search this
Beaux, Cecilia  Search this
Sleeper, Henry Davis  Search this
Walker, Francis Amasa  Search this
Quinn, John  Search this
Sargent, Charles Sprague  Search this
Curtis, Ralph W. (Ralph Wormeley),  Search this
Huntington, Archer M.  Search this
Gardner, John Lowell  Search this
Burroughs, Bryson  Search this
Rodin, Auguste  Search this
Peirce, Waldo  Search this
Collins, Alfred Quinton  Search this
Fry, Roger Eliot  Search this
Pennington, Harper  Search this
Story, Waldo  Search this
Zorn, Anders  Search this
Howe, Julia Ward  Search this
Thayer, Abbott Handerson  Search this
Kronberg, Louis  Search this
Berenson, Bernard  Search this
Thaxter, Celia  Search this
Sargent, John Singer  Search this
Adams, Brooks  Search this
Cox, Kenyon  Search this
Pennell, Joseph  Search this
Manship, Paul Howard  Search this
Mansfield, Richard  Search this
Faure, Gabriel  Search this
Woodbury, Charles H. (Charles Herbert)  Search this
Dexter, Mary  Search this
Davis, Richard Harding  Search this
Smith, George Warren  Search this
Wister, Owen  Search this
O'Connell, William  Search this
Perry, Lilla Cabot  Search this
Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson  Search this
Partridge, William Ordway  Search this
Norton, Lily  Search this
Faulkner, Barry  Search this
Fiske, Minnie Maddern  Search this
Mitchell, S. Weir (Silas Weir)  Search this
Irving, Henry  Search this
Wadsworth, Adelaide E.  Search this
Van Rensselaer, Schuyler  Search this
Smith, Joseph Lindon  Search this
Lamb, Charles R. (Charles Rollinson)  Search this
Gordon, Leon  Search this
Bode, Wilhelm von  Search this
St. Denis, Ruth  Search this
Russell, Lillian  Search this
Hale, Edward Everett  Search this
Roberts, Elizabeth Wentworth  Search this
Gregory  Search this
Hinckley, Robert C.  Search this
Hale, Mary  Search this
Dyer, Louis  Search this
Andrew, A. Piatt (Abram Piatt),  Search this
Chapman, John Jay  Search this
Dwight, J. S.  Search this
Helleu, Paul  Search this
Blashfield, Edwin Howland  Search this
Hoffman, Malvina  Search this
Agassiz, Alexander  Search this
Hampden, Walter  Search this
Sanborn, F. B. (Franklin Benjamin),  Search this
Whistler, James McNeill  Search this
MacKnight, Dodge  Search this
Pickering, Edward C. (Edward Charles),  Search this
Lanman, Charles  Search this
Pavlova, Anna  Search this
Spaulding, Albert  Search this
Agostini, Luigi  Search this
Swift, Henry  Search this
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth  Search this
Cushing, Howard Gardiner  Search this
Hazelton, George C.  Search this
Gilder, Richard Watson  Search this
Coolidge, Archibald Cary  Search this
Kittredge, William  Search this
Zogbaum, Rufus Fairchild  Search this
Whitman, Sarah de St. Prix Wyman  Search this
Eliot, Charles William  Search this
Crawford, F. Marion (Francis Marion),  Search this
Murray, Gilbert  Search this
Gimpel, René  Search this
Hale, Philip Leslie  Search this
Gabrilowitsch, Ossip  Search this
Copeland, Charles Townsend  Search this
Cushman, Charlotte  Search this
Smith, Francis Hopkinson  Search this
Monteux, Pierre  Search this
Crosby, Raymond Moreau  Search this
Melba, Nellie  Search this
White, Margaret  Search this
Oliver, Jean Nutting  Search this
Stillman, William James  Search this
Frick, Helen Clay  Search this
Rives, Amélie  Search this
Reid, Robert  Search this
Gaugengigl, I. M. (Ignaz Marcel)  Search this
Symonds, John Addington  Search this
Okakura, Kakuzo  Search this
Millet, Francis Davis  Search this
Pitman, Sophia L.  Search this
Loring, Charles Greely  Search this
Tiffany, Mary A. (Mary Adeline)  Search this
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  Search this
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum  Search this
Duveen Brothers  Search this
Wildenstein Galleries  Search this
Place of publication, production, or execution:
Physical Description:
40 microfilm reels.
Access Note / Rights:
The Archives of American art does not own the original papers. Use is limited to the microfilm copy.
Letters, business records, diary, and photographs.
REEL 380-413: Primarily correspondence, mostly Gardner's own, but including family correspondence and Gardner Museum correspondence. Also included are misc. items and printed material. Correspondents include: Edwin Austin Abbey, Lyman Abbott, Brooks Adams, Alexander Agassiz, Elizabeth C. Agassiz, Louis Agassiz, Luigi Agostini, Hamilton Aide, Thomas B. Aldrich, Abram P. Andrew, Boris Anisfeld, George Arliss, Anne L. Balch, George G. Barnard, Grace Edith Barnes, Cecilia Beaux, Martin Birnbaum, William Sturgis Bigelow, William Phipps Blake, Edwin Howland Blashfield, Wilhelm von Bode, Martin Brimmer, J. Appleton Brown, Dennis Miller Bunker, Bryson Burroughs, Theodore Byard, Morris Carter, Paul Chalfin, Conrad Chapman, John Jay Chapman, Alfred Q. Collins,
Frederick Shepard Converse, Walter William Spencer Cook, Archibald Cary Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson Coolidge, Charles Townsend Copeland, Kenyon Cox, Ralph Adams Cram, Francis Marion Crawford, Raymond Crosby, Sally Cross, Ralph W. Curtis, Howard G. Cushing, Charlotte Cushman, Walter Damrosch, Richard Harding Davis, Elsie De Wolfe, Mary Dexter, Nathan H. Dole, John Donoghue, Ruth Draper, Duveen Brothers, J. S. Dwight, Theodore F. Dwight, Louis Dyer, Charles W. Eliot, Barry Faulkner, Gabriel Faure, Minnie Maddern Fiske, Daniel Chester French, Helen C. Frick, Roger E. Fry, Ossip Gabrilowitsch, John Lowell Gardner, William Amory Gardner, I. M. Gaugengigl, Richard Watson Gilder, Rene Gimpel, Edwin L. Godkin, Leon Gordon, Lady Augusta Gregory, Louise I. Guiney, Edward E. Hale,
Mary (Mrs. Richard Walden) Hale, Philip Leslie Hale, Mrs. Philip Hale, Richard Hammond, Walter Hampden, George C. Hazelton, Paul Helleu, Henry Lee Higginson, Thomas W. Higginson, Robert Hinckley, Malvina Hoffman, Edward W. Hooper, Harriet Hosmer, Julia W. Howe, Archer M. Huntington, Vincent d'Indy, Henry Irving, August F. Jaccaci, Clarence King, William Kittredge, Louis Kronberg, Petr A. Kropotkin, Anna C. Ladd, John La Farge, Charles Rollinson Lamb, Charles Lanman, Charles G. Loring, James R. Lowell, Dodge Macknight, Mary L. Macomber, Richard Mansfield, Paul Manship, Frank J. Mather, Francis John McComas, Nellie Melba, Francis Davis Millet, S. Weir Mitchell, Helena Modjeska, Pierre Monteux, John S. Mosby, Gilbert Murray,
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Andrews Norton, Lily Norton, Richard Norton, William O'Connell, Kazuzo Okakura, Jean N. Oliver, William O. Partridge, Walter Pater, Anna Pavlova, Waldo Peirce, Joseph Pennell, Harper Pennington, Lilla Cabot Perry, Edward C. Pickering, Sophia L. Pitman, Matthew Stewart Prichard, John Quinn, Robert Reid, Amelie Rives, Elizabeth W. Roberts, Auguste Rodin, Denman Ross, Will Rothenstein, Lillian Russell, Paul J. Sachs, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Ruth St. Denis, Franklin B. Sanborn, Charles Sprague Sargent, John Singer Sargent, J.M. Sears, C. Arnold Slade, Irene Slade, Henry Davis Sleeper, F. Hopkinson Smith, George Warren Smith, Joseph L. Smith, Albert Spaulding, Maurice Sterne, William James Stillman, Julian Story, Thomas W. Story, Henry Swift,
John Addington Symonds, Ellen Terry, Celia Thaxter, Abbott H. Thayer, William R. Thayer, Mary A. Tiffany, Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer, Adelaide E. Wadsworth, Francis Amasa Walker, Mrs. Humphry Ward, Mrs. Fiske Warren, Edmund March Wheelwright, James McNeill Whistler, Margaret White, Sara de Prix Wyman Whitman, Wildenstein Galleries, Owen Wister, Charles H. Woodbury, Rufus F. Zogbaum, Anders Zorn, Mrs. Anders Zorn, and others.
REELS 631-632: Personal papers of Gardner and some records of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum including dealers' files containing invoices, notes, cancelled checks, and letters; a record book, "Prices Paid for Paintings," 1917; a record book, "Prices Paid for Works of Art"; 118 installation photographs of the museum as arranged by Gardner, 1924; a diary kept in Egypt, 1874, with sketches; a diary kept in Shanghai and India, 1883-1884; "Directions for my funeral," 1912; and "Suggestions for Running a Museum," 1913.
REELS 696-698: Letters from Bernard Berenson to Gardner, 1887-1924. Letters contain references to literary topics, Berenson's impressions of Europe, various paintings and artists, advice to Gardner on the purchase of paintings and information on their sale.
REEL 846: Checklist of Gardner's letters to Bernard and Mary Berenson, 1894-1924; typescripts of personal and official correspondence (originals found on AAA microfilm reels 696-698), 1887-1924.
Isabella Stewart Gardner papers, 1760-1956. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
Additional Forms:
Microfilm reels 380-413, 631-632, 696-698, and 846 available at Archives of American Art offices and through interlibrary loan.
Location of Originals:
Originals in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, Mass.
Biography Note:
Art patron, collector, and museum founder; Boston, Mass. Immediately after graduation from Harvard, Bernard Berenson was hired by Gardner to travel throughout Italy collecting Italian Renaissance art for her recreated Venetian palazzo in Boston. She established her palazzo as a museum of fine European art with stipulations that after her death none of the exhibited works was to be moved or rearranged, but left as she had designed during her lifetime.
Microfilm lent by Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for duplicating, 1972-1975.
Location Note:
Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, 750 9th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001
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