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Gellert, Hugo, 1892-1985  Search this
0.8 Linear feet (Boxes 1-2, 8)
Archival materials
circa 1920-1986
Scope and Contents note:
This series contains the correspondence of Hugo Gellert. Most of the correspondence is of a professional nature, related to Gellert's activities as an artist, political organizer, and activist. Correspondents include artists, friends, family members, Communist Party and Popular Front leaders, labor union leaders, federal art programs personnel, writers, historians, publishers, Hungarian cultural and political figures, and fellow activists. Significant correspondents in this series include Maurice Becker, William Patterson, Floyd Dell, Philip Evergood, Howard Fast, Mike Gold, Robert Gwathmey, and Rockwell Kent. Letters from individuals involved in leftist political organizations and activities are common throughout the series. In addition to Gellert's fellow Communists and Socialists, a wide variety of political groups are represented, including those concerned with artists' employment and welfare issues, anti-fascist organizations, organized labor, watchdog groups and defense committees for civil liberties during the McCarthy era, advocates for jailed Mexican artist David Siqueiros, and American civil rights groups. Also found is correspondence with editors of publications for which Gellert supplied illustrations, and letters concerning exhibitions and murals. Noteworthy items found in correspondence include a lengthy letter written by John Dos Passos enclosed with a circa 1930s letter from Carlo Tresca, a draft of an essay by Carl Sandburg with a 1942 letter, and an original New Year's card by Gellert for 1951. Drafts of outgoing letters from 1946 contain a number of sketches of Australian landscapes by Gellert. See Appendix for names of selected individuals, organizations, and publications found in Series 2.
Arrangement note:
Letters received are interfiled with drafts of outgoing letters in chronological order. Undated correspondence that can be estimated within a decade is filed at the end of each decade with "circa" dates. Additional undated correspondence is filed at the end of the series. Outgoing drafts are common in correspondence and often have estimated dates. Additional correspondence is found in the Organizational Records series. Additional cards made by Gellert are filed with Artwork. See series description for further details.
Appendix: Selected Individuals, Organizations, and Publications in Series 2:
The following is an index to selected individuals, publications, and organizations represented in the Correspondence in Series 2. This index is not comprehensive. Additional correspondence is found with Series 4, Organizational Records, and is described in the container listing for that series. Letters which were mass mailings from dozens of political organizations can also be found in Series 5, Printed Materials. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): 1935 (Lucille Milner) American Committee Against Fascist Oppression in Germany: 1934 (Louis Gibarti) American Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born: 1962 (Annette Provinzano) American League against War and Fascism: 1937 (Albert Prentis) American Magazine -- : 1935 American Russian Institute: 1952 (Irene Miller, Holland Roberts) Americans for Democratic Action: 1956 (Edward D. Hollander) An American Group: 1940 (to Clifton Woodrum) Aptheker, Herbert: 1959 Arms, John Taylor: 1952 (see also Series 4) Artists Conference of the Americas: 1939 Artists League of America: 1942 (Dan Koerner) Artists' Cooperative Group: 1943 (B. Nuno) Association des Ecrivants et Artistes Revolutionnaries: 1933 (R. Ginsburger) Balch, Earle: 1932 Bauch, Solomon "Stan": 1941 Becker, Maurice: 1951-1953, 1961, undated Berkowitz, Harry: 1954 Bonnett, Clarence E.: 1937 Bramer, Nan: 1952 Breines, Simon: 1947, 1971 Bromsen, Archibald: 1940 (labor lawyer) Brook, Alex: 1939 Buck, Pearl: 1953 Caswell, Edward: 1960 Chiostergi, Alessandro L.: 1937 Citizen's Committee for Constitutional Liberties: 1962 (Miriam Friedlander) Citizens Emergency Defence Committee: 1953 (Sam Kanter) Civil Rights Congress: 1953 (William L. Patterson) Committee for Social Re-Education: 1934 (Jose Vallon) Committee to End Sedition Laws: 1955 (Allan D. McNeil) d'Harnoncourt, Rene: 1946 Davidson, Jo: 1944, 1945 (Independent Voters Committee of Artists, Writers, and Scientists) Davis, Ben Jr.: 1942, undated Decker, W.J.: 1956 Dell, Floyd: 1930 Dinnerstein, Harvey: 1960 (catalog) Direction -- : 1942 (Marguerite Tjader Harris) Dorner, Hannah: 1943 Dos Passos, John: circa 1930s Dow, Hume: 1947 Durus, Alfred (a.k.a. Alfred Kemeny): 1935-1936 Einhorn, Nat: 1955 Ellis, Ethel: 1959 (re: Fred Ellis) Emergency Civil Liberties Committee: 1957-1958 Engel, Michael: 1962 (Audobon Artists) Evergood, Philip: 1955, 1961 (See also Series 4) Fast, Howard: 1951, 1954, 1955 Fiene, Ernest: 1939 Fine Arts Federation, NY: 1935 Fitelson, H. William: 1934 (entertainment lawyer, artists guilds) Foreman, Clark: 1958 Fossum, Sydney: 1943 Friedlander, Miriam: 1962 Gainer, Morris: 1955 Garabedian, John: 1962 (Hudson Guild Theater Workshop) Garcia, J. Uriel: 1943 Garst, Robert: 1951 Gibarti, Louis: 1934 Ginsburger, R.: 1933 Gold, Mike: see Granich, Mike Granich, Grace: 1954 Granich, Mike (a.k.a. Mike Gold, born Irving Granich): 1956 Greenbaum, Dorothea: 1940 (Sculptor's Guild) Gropper, William: 1951 Gwathmey, Robert: 1959, undated Hall, Rob: 1952 Hardy, Lewis: 1955 Harris, Marguerite Tjader: 1942 Hars, Laszlo: 1953, 1955 Hartley, Paul: 1944 (National Art Foundation) Hecht, Rosa: 1955 Henri Barbusse Memorial Committee: 1937 Hollander, Edward D.: 1956 International Bureau of Revolutionary Artists: 1935-1936 (Alfred Durus, a.k.a. Alfred Kemeny) Joint Committee to Defend WPA Workers: 1941, 1942 (Ronald Shilen) Jones, Alec: 1955, 1958 Kantor, Sam: 1953 Karolyi, Michael, Count: 1941, 1946 Kauffer, Edward McKnight: 1945 Kent, Rockwell: 1937, 1944, 1952-1953 (See also Series 4) Klonsky, Bob: 1955 Koerner, Dan: 1942 Kohn, Robert D.: 1935 (architect) Kovalski, Stanislaw: 1955 (Polish embassy) Ksnyik, Andras: 1978 Laffitte, Jean: 1955 Lie, Jonas: 1939 Lorber, Dr. Herman "Harry": circa 1930s Mabry, Thomas D.: 1942 (Graphics Div, Office of War Information) Macagy, Jermayne: 1955 Magyar Jövo -- (Hungarian Daily Journal): 1952 (Alex Rosner), 1953 Mainstream -- : 1962 Maldonado, R.: 1978 (Smithsonian Labor History Project) Manship, Paul: 1939, undated Marceau, Henri: 1946 Marquardt, Virginia: 1978 Maruki, Toshiko and Iri: 1960 Masses and Mainstream -- : 1952 (Samuel Sillen), 1954 (Joe) McNeil, Alan D: 1955 Michelson, Herman: 1934 Milner, Lucile: 1935 Moore, Sam: 1953 Nagy, Janos: 1956 National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors: 1940 (Bianca Todd) National Council of American Soviet Friendship: 1943 (Hannah Dorner) National Council of the Arts, Sciences, and Professions: 1952 (Nan Bramer) National Maritime Union: 1944 (Louis Oguss, M. Hedley Stone) New Masses -- : 1934 (Sean, Herman Michelson) New World Review -- : 1952 (Jessica Smith) New York Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born: 1955 (Alec Jones) Nuno, B.: 1943 Oguss, Louis: 1944 Oldham, John and Ray: circa 1930s Ottley, Roi: 1943 (National CIO Committee) Patrás, Pal: 1955 Patterson, William L.: 1953-1954 People's World -- : 1956 (W.J. Decker) Perlo, Ellen: 1984 Perrot, Paul: 1960 (Corning Museum) Philadelphia Forum of Social Sciences: 1955 (Bob Klonsky) Popper, Lilly: 1953-1954 Prentis, Albert: 1937 Provisional Workers and People's Committee for May Day: 1955 (Morris Gainer), 1960 (Max Rosen) Putnam and Sons: 1935 (Quintin Rossi) Reed, Alman: 1955 Reisman, Philip: 1962, circa 1960s Rickey, George: 1937 Rosen, Max: 1955 Rosner, A.: 1952, 1959 Rosner, Deak: 1955 Rossen, John: 1955 Rossi, Quintin: 1935 Royce, Edward: 1955 Sandburg, Carl: 1942 Sapiro, Aaron: 1932 Schappes Defense Committee: 1941 (Morris U. Shappes) Schoen, Eugene: 1932, 1934 Schwartz, Morris: 1951 Selsam: 1951 Sequenzia, Sofia: 1983 Shields, T.A. "Art": 1959 Shillen, Ronald: 1942 Siegelbaum, Portia: 1978 Sillen, Samuel: 1952 Smith, Jessica: 1952 Soglow, Otto: 1942 Solomon: Dave: 1954 (New Talents Gallery), 1956 Starobin, Joseph: 1955 Steffens, Lincoln: 1934 (journalist) Stone, M. Hedley: 1944 Street, Julian Jr.: 1940 Tandy, W. Lou: 1953 Time -- : 192- Todd, Bianca: 1940 (See also Series 4) Tresca, Carlo: circa 1930s (anarchist) Turner, Jeannette S.: 1957-1960 Tyler, Hugh: 1939 (WPA) Vallon, Jose: 1934 Van Rensselaer, Sylvia: 1944 ("Portrait of America Competition" report) Weber, Max: 1953 (See also Series 4) Weyhe Gallery: 1947 Wilson, Steve: 1959 (Progressive Lithographers) The Worker -- : 1952 (Rob Hall) World Council of Peace: 1955 (Jean Laffitte) World -- : 1925 Zigrosser, Carl: 1937 Zorach, Bill: 1942 Zundel, Eugenia: 1957, 1959 Zurier, Rebecca: 1984, circa 1980s
Collection Restrictions:
The collection has been digitized and is available online via AAA's website.
Collection Rights:
The Hugo Gellert papers are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.
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Hugo Gellert papers, 1916-1986. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
AAA.gellhugo, Series 2
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