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Archival materials
Color postcards
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Tesuque Pueblo (N.M.)
circa 1880-1950
Scope and Contents note:
Ed Brady's collection of photographs and postcards of American Indian camps, people, crafts, schools, and dances, as well as agency personnel at various reservations. A majority of the original prints are photographs by Lee Moorhouse, including images of American Indian dwellings, camps, Kate Drexel School, children in cradleboards, and formal and informal portraits. Additionally, there are photographs made by E. Potts at Tesuque Pueblo on November 12, 1924 during the feast day; images are mostly of Tewa Indians dancing the "Buffalo-Deer Dance." The collection also includes a stereograph depicting Taos Indians in front of Taos Pueblo, as well as photographic postcards of Omaha men in Walthill, Nebraska, American Indians at a camp in Idaho, Indians at a camp near International Falls, Minnesota, a Navajo camp in Arizona, an elevated view of a camp with numerous tipis, possibly for a rodeo, two Alaskan Eskimo girls, and a reenactment of the Battle of Little Bighorn aftermath. There is also a pamphlet entitled "Old Travois Trails," from 1941, which was possibly originally collected by Dr. W. A. Russell, a doctor for the Fort Peck Agency.
Local Call Number(s):
NAA Photo Lot 90-8, NAA Photo Lot 81-39, NAA Photo Lot 89-28
Location of Other Archival Materials:
Photo Lot 81-39 has been relocated and merged with Photo Lot 90-8. These photographs were also collected by Ed Brady and form part of this collection.
Brady also donated Indian police badges to the Department of Anthropology in accessions 343151 and 378681.
Additional photographs by Moorhouse can be found in the National Anthropological Archives in Photo Lot 78 and the BAE historical negatives.
The University of Oregon Special Collections holds a large collection of Lee Moorhouse photographs, 1888-1925 (PH036).
Additional photographs published by the Keystone View Company can be found in the National Anthropological Archives in MS 4551, Photo Lot 140 and Photo Lot 90-1.
The University of Washington holds Ed Brady photographs of the Mount St. Helens Eruption (PH Coll 889).
The collection is open for research. Access to the collection requires an appointment.
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Photo Lot 90-8, Ed Brady photograph collection of American Indians, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives